Ability can intercept GSM, UMTS, LTE and CDMA networks.
We offer two types of cellular interception systems: strategic (ULIN - Unlimited Interceptor) and tactical (IBIS - In-Between Interception System).



New Strategic Interception System

ULIN — Unlimited Interceptor

ULIN (Unlimited Interceptor) is our new strategic interception system. We call it “new”, as it takes a completely new approach to the cellular interception. Unlike other strategic systems, it does not require cooperation with network operators. And unlike existing tactical systems, ULIN’s operational range is unlimited – proximity is not a factor. Additionally, ULIN is also a geolocation system; it detects the exact location of phones participating in intercepted conversations.


GoDown is a system that forces cellular phones to change their operational mode; for example from 4G to 2G. We consider it a strategic system because of its unlimited working range. It requires no proximity to the target, so the system can even operate from a different country. The ability to manipulate a specific phone’s operational mode can be useful with existing GSM interception systems. GoDown effectively allows a GSM interceptor to intercept UMTS and LTE phones as well.

Additionally, GoDown acts as a selective jammer by making the target phone “invisible” to the network. This new surgical jamming ability is more effective and precise then other outdated jamming techniques, and can be implemented in cases where traditional jamming is impossible. GoDown has been effectively used in prison-related projects, wherein these capabilities are very useful.

Tactical Interception

IBIS — In-Between Interception System

IBIS is a fully independent system, which supports GSM, UMTS and LTE networks*. Its operational range depends on interception conditions, and is usually limited by hundreds of meters.

In addition, we offer various IMSI catcher configurations: small and portable for hidden use or powerful for relatively long-distance operation. They are able to detect mobile phones and extract their identities, and often work in conjunction with Direction Finders or other strategic systems. IMSI catchers cannot intercept calls independently.

The tactical systems can be wearable or portable or designed for fixed, vehicular or airborne installation.

* A CDMA interception system is also available.