Ability is a specialize world leader in field proven systems for off-air cellular and satellite interception and geo location.

Worldwide Ability

Ability was founded in 1994 by a team of military and communication experts. We specialize in the interception of cellular and satellite communication networks. Our products are restricted to authorized government agencies only.

Our systems are deployed for surveillance, border security, anti-terror, anti-crime, intelligence gathering, reconnaissance, target tracking, airport security and tracking suspicious people by:

  • Ministries of Defense
  • National Agencies
  • Secret Services & Security Officers
  • Federal Police Forces & Presidential Police
  • Homeland Security Organizations
  • Border Control Forces
  • Large-scale Integrators
  • Anti-drug Organizations and Law Enforcement Units
  • Armies, Navies, and Air Forces
  • Ministries of Interior
  • Ministries of Justice