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Deciphering Systems
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Smallest & Smartest 3G IMSI/IMEI/TMSI Catcher






  1. Automatically scans and detects parameters of all 3G networks
  2. Detects all 3G phones and collect all their identities (IMSI, IMEI and TMSI)
  3. Displays phone model, country of origin and name of network provider
  4. Measures distance to all 3G phones with accuracy of less than 30 m
  5. Selectively force only target’s phones to migrate to GSM mode. Rest of the phones stays in 3G-mode. Being pushed into GSM mode, 3G phones stay there until reboot. It makes possible interception of such phones by GSM passive interception systems. Active systems, after finishing interception, can send them back to 3G-mode.
  6. Selectively blocks communication of 3G target’s phones.

3G-Cat can be used either as a stand-alone device or integrated with Ability’s IBIS or GTReS systems . It can also be integrated with GSM interception systems of other vendors.




Real-time A5/1 decipher
RTDM51 is a powerful and portable A5/1 REA-TIME decipher:
1. Sub-second deciphering time
2. 100% deciphering probability
Designed to work with passive and active GSM interceptors.
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